Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Admirable to Magical

I spent the evening with one of my 77 cousins tonight...great food, great conversation and great shopping at Barnes and Noble. (Oh, and great service at the restaurant by the sweetest little gal with a great big smile. Isn't it amazing how a friendly, courteous, helpful server can make your food taste better and even make your day better?) This particular cousin shares with me an appreciation for being able to do what you love, to do what you're most passionate about. We talked and speculated about the people who get to make a living doing what they love, using their talent and their passion for that talent to put food on the table, yet don't appreciate what a rarity that is.

To have something you love, a talent, a niche, something you are passionate about and to use that talent to make a contribution to the matter how small...that is admirable. To be able to make a living while using your talent, your passion, to make a contribution to the world...that is magical. Anyone who has something they love to do and has struggled to make a career out of it can appreciate how magical it would be to actually find success with it.

Whether your talent is artistic, athletic, social, technological, academic-the list is endless really-hopefully you are lucky and admirable enough to be using it to better the world in some way. If you're like me and you hold down a day-job in order to be able to afford your passion, then I hope the magic will come for you some day. And for those of you who already have that magic, don't forget to be thankful. (If you ever start to lose appreciation for that magic may I suggest you switch places with that sweet little waitress...she's a soul who is worthy of some magic.)

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Cynde Lou said...

Hi, Lisa!

Oh, how right you are! I'd give just about anything to be able to have a book that I wrote, published. That must be the most wonderful feeling! The realization that someone actually likes your writing enough to want to spend money on it and put it in print to share with others, has got to be absolutely mind-boggling.

And to imagine further, that I might be able to be paid for doing something I loved to do instead of having to get up each morning and go to a job I that I didn't care for, like I did in the past, is like a wonderful fairytale.

I just hope that the people that are actually living their dreams have learned to appreciate what they have because, afterall, nothing is forever.

Have a great day!