Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where'd that balance go?

Today I am back at work, working late, and wondering where all that wonderful balance went. Two days back in the office and my desk is absolutely buried...training applications for employees, purchase orders, domestic violence audit results, visa statements, and copies of McGruff the Crime Dogs word scramble puzzle (for the trick-o-treat bags that I've yet to put together) are scattered around my office. What a mess!

I wonder if my dog misses having me at home and making trips to play fetch by the river as much as I do. While he's locked up in the kitchen waiting for his dad to get home and let him out, I wonder if he stares out the window and thinks back to our leisurely days while I was on vacation last week. I know that's what I'm doing when I stare out the window at today's beautiful autumn weather. I wonder if my husband would support me being a stay at home mom for Jack the springer/setter/pound pup?

I know that working the occasional long day at the office is part of the perfectly balanced life, but today I think I'd rather be drinking a pumpkin spice soy chai tea and strolling along the riverbank with Jack happily bouncing along at my side.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I spent my day today selling pumpkins. In addition to owning a small press, being an aspiring writer, and holding down a day job to actually pay the bills, I also operate a small u-pick pumpkin farm with my husband.

Certainly there are times when it feels like a lot; then there are weeks like this one when the balance feels perfect. I started out my week in Seattle, attending a conference with other law enforcement professionals talking about the standardization of crime statistics reporting and, in one case, how those statistics can be better used to track information on missing children. I spent my evenings eating good food, shopping, and visiting with colleagues. In the late evenings I worked on my books, updating my website with info on new signing events and keeping up with correspondence.

I returned home mid-week to get ready for opening day on the farm. I was able to spend time with my dog Jack, playing at the lake and enjoying some glorious fall weather. I got to enjoy time on my farm, making applesauce, picking the last of the blackberries, cleaning and taking care of final details to be ready for today. The days spent working on the farm are so fulfilling and always leave me feeling grounded and whole.

Today I got to see family and old friends and make new friends as people came to our sweet little farm in search of the perfect pumpkin for carving and baking. There were little children, filled with wonder and joy, running and playing, going from one pumpkin to the next saying, "I want this one. Wait, no, I want this one. Or maybe I want this one."

This evening while I await the arrival of some dear friends who graciously offered to bring us dinner on this busy day, I am able to spend some time reflecting on just how lucky I am. My life is full...bursting at the seams really. I am surrounded by people who love and appreciate me, and my days are filled with the perfect balance of the things that bring me joy. Life is good.