Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There are so many things in my life that I have to be thankful for. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I find myself a bit overwhelmed by just how lucky I am.

First and foremost, I am thankful to be surrounded by people who love me...really, truly love me. These people - my husband, my family (the whole great big extended lot of them!) and my friends - make my life rich with joy. Without them all the other things I have to be thankful for would be inconsequential. There are so many people in this world who don't feel really, truly loved, and I know I am lucky. For these people, I give thanks.

I don't think I'm the only person who has a roof over her head and a steady income who forgets those are things to be thankful for. There are many of us who have homes to live in, cars to drive, jobs to go to and food in the cupboard who treat those things like they are something everyone has. They are not. For an abundance of good fortune, I give thanks.

In this past year I have had one more very big thing to add to my list of things to be thankful for. I have had the opportunity to dedicate time to fulfilling the dream of becoming an author. Through the process I have discovered that there is absolutely no feeling like that of pursuing your dreams. I have also learned that published or not, famous or not, I am a writer. For the realization that being a writer is who I am and for the opportunity to pursue my dream, I give thanks.

To all those who come across this blog, I hope this post will cause you to pause, if only for a moment, and give thanks.


Trista and Peter said...

Thanks for a great reminder of the many things we have to be grateful for. You are truly and inspiration to others. Many blessings to you. Happy Thanksgiving.

By Tina-Sue Ducross said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts on Thanksgiving...hope you have a lovely holiday.
The comments you left on my blog made my day.